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PH Adjusting Agents/Coagulants/Carbon Source

1. BUFFER#1  Non-toxic neutralizing agent


▶ Features


BUFFER#1 acts as a non-toxic neutralizer and was developed for the nitrogen treatment process.

  1) Easily soluble in water, can be used without special dissolving device

  2) Non-toxic neutralizer for ph buffering of nitrifying microorganisms, enhancing nitrification activity.

  3) It can be used for various applications in wastewater microbial treatment systems.

  4) The poisonous caustic soda neutralizer can be completely replaced with this product.

▶ Applications


Applicable to all sites for promoting nitrification and preventing capitalization of microbial treatment system for advanced treatment.

▶ Directions for use

The required chemical concentration is metered into the digester and denitrification tank using a metering pump and then automatically mixed with blower air or underwater agitator for microbial treatment.

It is used at 300-500ppm concentration to accelerate nitrification. Optimum concentration is determined by field test.


▶ Properties


  - Exterior: Pale yellow liquid

  - Specific gravity (25℃) : 1.23 

  - PH(100ppm in water) : 6-8

  - Ionic property: ANION 

▶ Packaging Unit


  - 200kg Drum :  Small Package

  - 1,000kg CT : Large Package

  - 30Ton : BCT

2. HICAT11 Cation Coagulant

▶ Features

HICAT11 is a multipurpose coagulant which is used for industrial supply water's purification and for removal of suspended solid and soluble organics in final effluent of wastewater.

  1) Easy-soluble in water; can be used without special melting device (no screening device required)

  2) High cationic coagulant; quickly adsorbs particulate matter

  3) Excellent for treating effluent of chemical process water and wastewater

  4) Excellent solids separation ability at final washing stage


▶ Applications


Applicable to industrial wastewater, chemical process water, wastewater, etc

▶ Material Property


  - Exterior: very pale yellow liquid

  - Specific Gravity(25℃) : 1.09±0.05 

  - PH(100ppm in water) : 1.7± 0.5

  - Ionic property: cation 


▶ What's Coagulant(cohesive agent)?


Chemicals that increase efficiency in wastewater treatment by collecting suspended solid particles in wastewater. It is mainly divided into inorganic coagulant and organic coagulant.​

​3. CS-AD10  Organic carbon source (Microbiological Nutrients)

▶ Features


CS-AD10 is a specially developed product for improving efficiency of digesters with very low Biogas and for reduction of the denitrification efficiency caused by inadequacy of the C / N (Carbon / Nitrogen) ratio of influent wastewater for the treatment of high salt wastewater.


  1) Easy soluble in water, can be used without special dissolving device

  2) High denitrification efficiency due to high reactivity with denitrifying microorganisms

  3) Composed of mixed carbon materials that are easy to decompose; improvement of digestion tank and increase of denitrification efficiency

  4) Applicable for various applications to improve C/N ratio for microbial treatment system

▶ Applications


Applicable to both digester (bio-gas) and microbial water treatment system for high salt wastewater treatment

▶ Directions of Use


Required drug concentration is added to digestion tank and denitrification tank by using a metering pump, and it automatically mixes by gas ejector or mixer. The optimum concentration to be used is adjusted by field testing.


▶ Material Properties

- Exterior: pale off-white liquid 

- Specific gravity (25℃) : 1.01 

- PH(100ppm in water) : 8.9± 0.5

- Ionic property: Non-Ionic

▶ Packaging Unit

- 200kg Drum 

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