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What's MBBR?

Microbe wastewater treatment technology using liquid carrier

Customized wastewater treatment system design and installation  

▶  Technical Background


Many of Korean wastewater treatment plants are fundamentally installed with Activated Sludge Process which takes traditional biological treatment techniques.

However, This process is difficult to maintain the high density of microbe and this affects aeration tank's capacity to be larger so that makes the site of a wastewater treatment plant too large. Also, the process is difficult to handle with a large amount of load change and management of operation. 

MBBR System(liquid biological carrier process) has been developed as a new technology to handle with those problems of activated sludge process.

▶  What's MBBR(Liquid Biological Carrier Process) System?  

MBBR System is a biological wastewater treatment process for treating nitrogen, phosphorus, organics and other impurities in wastewater; it uses liquid biological carrier. 

This system has been developed by combining the advantages of the existing Activated Sludge Process and Biofilm Process. It makes efficient handling of organics and nutritive salts by forming biofilm on easy-microbe-attachable, easy-air-permeable structured and wide-surfaced carrier elements.

▶  Localization of MBBR System

MBBR is a technology initially introduced by KMT of Norway. Localization of the technology of carrier elements, the key of this technology, enabled its lower-price production.

By transfer of technology and pilot tests, it has been improved to fit the contemporary situations of local and international wastewater treatment plants. We can provide customized-MBBR-System applied wastewater treatment plant design and installation.

Carrier Element

Microbes Attached to Carrier Element

▶ Features of MBBR Method

- Wastewater Treatment Plant Site Reduced (Compact Design Applicable)

- Highly capable of handling with wastewater load (pH, density of organics, temperature, toxic substance) change

- Great efficiency for removal of nitrogen and phosphorus

- Only a little formation of sludge (cost less for treating waste) 

- No blockage of aeration tank or swelling of sludge in settling tank

- Easy management of plant operation and high stability

- Our carrier is plastic- no abrasion or sweep; once installed, it's semi-permanent

MBBR 시스템을 이용한 폐수 처리 공정도

MBBR System-applied Wastewater Treatment Process Chart

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