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Specialized in environmental facility installation, we operate water treatment plants and provide consultation services for treating various polluted and industrial wastewater based on our special technologies achieved from over 20 years' experiences.

With the beginning of the establishment of TAEJIN ENGINEERING in 1995, we've built up our foundation for eco-friendly water treatment business by running hyper-saline water treatment business.

And in 2000, we established TAJIN ENGINEERING INC. to expand our business to renewable energy business and to enlarge our smart design & plant business with consideration of efficiency and economy.

Environment is an essential asset for our future generation.

We promise we will do our best to preserve and maintain water environment with the sense of duty that we should not leave the earth devastated due to the radical industrial development.

Finally, we always proceed to make the best products and supply outstanding technology for our customers.



(주)태진엔지니어링 회사전경

[A panoramic view of TAEJIN ENG's head office]

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